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Sunday School

The teaching ministry of RPC, exists for the praise and glory of God and for our spiritual growth in grace. Our teaching focuses on the biblical doctrines of God’s grace in Jesus Christ that we have received as a Body, and we respond to this grace with three aims: we welcome with grace new members into our covenant community; we learn by grace through sound biblical teaching on doctrines of grace; we live by grace bearing with loving one another as believers.

All Sunday School classes meet from 9:00–10:00 a.m.

Current Classes

Adults are meeting in generational classes through the month of November:

Last Things

  • Young Adults and Young Families (Room 101): Doctrine of the Last Things

Doctrine of the Christian Life

  • Empty Nesters (Sanctuary): Doctrine of the Christian Life
    • Members of "Crossroads" class will meet with either Young Adults or Empty Nesters.